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Disclaimer & Terms of Use Agreement

communitymeds.com is here to provide basic details about drugs and healthcare products. The provided material (data) should not be regarded as medical advice or the sole basis for any medical diagnosis or treatment. This website's material is not intended to be a replacement for a professional healthcare expert.

Kindly read these T&Cs carefully & in their entirety, as utilizing or browsing the website constitutes the acceptance of these terms and conditions. You can exit from the website (communitymeds.com) & do not browse/use, or access the site if you disagree with these terms & conditions.

By entering, visiting, or browsing the site, you affirm that you have read and comprehended all of our terms and conditions.

Healthcare products and prescription

communitymeds.com is an online pharmacy offering/providing medicines and prescriptions for free after observing your condition virtually. Sometimes, a virtual consultation is not enough to evaluate the condition of your/consumer's health or the severity of the illness.

It may lead to a prescription or medication error & produce unwanted effects on your health condition. This type of error is not the fault of communitymeds.com or the website's owner. Kindly use the medication at your own responsibility & inform your doctor immediately if you face any adverse reactions to taking a drug provided by communitymeds.com.

Details & advice disclaimer

All contents, details, information, & data contained therein are for informational reasons only. You are not bound to use the data that appeared on the different pages of the site as an alternative to clinical advice. This information might not be sufficient in some circumstances.

Additionally, using or providing confidential or medical information on the website does not establish a patient-pharmacist relationship to replace the services of licensed or qualified doctors/pharmacists.

The information/suggestions visible on the site are not the opinions/recommendations of the site owner & do not reflect the work of his staff. Most details and suggestions are obtained from various clinical & online research.

Please do not rely on the information/suggestion on our site, and we don't recommend them. By using our information as your entire treatment plan, you/customers promise that you won't hold us responsible for any informational or clinical errors.

Reservation of private property rights

Our site, communitymeds.com, is protected by USA copyright laws. The site owner hereby reserves any & all intellectual property rights.

Age limits for users

If you are 18 years old, you can use this website. People under eighteen years old should not be allowed to utilize the website.

Data invalidity & typing mistakes

We do not claim that:

  • The data/suggestions, or tips provided on communitymeds.com are completely accurate or valid & will always be obtainable. We can make any changes to them occasionally.
  • This website's information is correct, exhaustive, precise, the latest, and generally relevant. There you can see some typing errors also.

Note: All data/suggestions of our site are collected from the various research and online sources done by healthcare providers. We don't endorse or promote any available products (third-party) on usapainpahram.com and neither from any other media.

You are solely responsible for anything you do, accomplish, or access. Any medicine or health issues are not the website's fault. If any questions arise in your mind about these disclaimer details, you can contact us by using our site.